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Homecoming Week

on September 29, 2016

One of my favorite weeks of the school year is homecoming.  When I was in high school I loved homecoming week.  Decorating class halls.  Each day designated a theme to dress up at school.  I loved homecoming.  Royalty chosen among us.  Having my own 2nd grader get excited about homecoming and wanting to show school spirit by dressing up each day brings me joy.  He asks everyday,  “What day is tomorrow?”  He plans out how he can show school spirit.img_06831

When I was a 1st grader I was chosen to carry up the Homecoming king’s crown for coronation.  I remember sitting in the blue chair looking at the seniors.  They were so big.  They were huge.  I was so small.  During practice the crown slid off my the pillow crashing to the floor.  A piece chipped off.  The king candidates dove to the floor “I’ve got a piece of gold.”  As they picked up the broken piece.  I was mortified.  I was thankful it was the practice crown and not the real crown.  It helped to laugh, I knew it wasn’t real gold but I knew I couldn’t drop the real crown during coronation.  I remember walking to the stage through the auditorium during coronation, the room black with only a spotlight to show our way.  For a 1st grader to ride around the football field in a convertible at half time was a big deal. Even if winter jackets and hats covered up our pretty dresses.  I didn’t think it could get much better.


When I look back over high school, I can honestly say homecoming week was always the best.  I loved to dress up each day.  Pajama Day was and is my favorite, the next day all the students would were their finest for Dress Up day.  Homecoming candidates king and queen would wear their formals.  Skit night and coronation was always looked forward to.  Who was going to do a skit and what would it be?  My senior year I still remember when I found out I would be a homecoming candidate.  My best friend Shannon and I played doubles in tennis.  After our tennis match we went to the volleyball game at our rival school to cheer on the volleyball team.  That is when we found out from a fellow classmate we were part of the five homecoming candidates.  To love homecoming and be a homecoming candidate was an awesome feeling.  To watch your best friend be crowned homecoming queen was better yet.  When I was a first grader I thought carrying the crown was the best thing ever, when I was a senior I thought being homecoming royalty was the best thing ever.  Watching Everett get excited about homecoming is better yet.   img_06631



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