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Celebrating National 4H Week

on October 7, 2016

Many times when we think of 4H we first think of fair time and livestock.  When I talked to families about joining 4H, usually the first statement is,  “We don’t have animals?”  “We don’t have any animals to take to the fair.”  4H goes way beyond the fair.  While fair time is an exciting time for 4H’ers, it isn’t the only part of 4H.  No doubt getting ready for the fair takes a lot of preparation.  Many hours of work, sweat and tears goes into fair projects whether it is a livestock project or a non-livestock project. Fair time isn’t the only part of 4H.  More importantly 4H members are given valuable skills through out the year.  These skills go beyond the fair and creates strong members of our community.

The 4H Pledge which is recited at every meeting after the Pledge of Allegiance goes as follows:



4H is about building leaders.  Leaders who will be strong and confident.  Leaders who will think for the better of their community.  4H members are giving the skill set of how a meeting is conducted.  At every club meeting a demonstration is presented by a 4H’er.  This gives confidence and public speaking skills to the kids.  A skill we all use sometime in our life.  As a 4H Volunteer it is our job to help guide and find the strengths in each 4H’er so they are able to flourish through out the year.  I encourage you to contact your local Extension Office to find a 4H Club near you.

Everett and I along with other 4H members of Morrison County attended Morrison County’s Breakfast with the Commissioners.  Here is where 4H week is celebrated in Morrison County. 4H’ers visit with our commissioners.  Commissioners during the breakfast recognize how important 4H is to our community.  Everett sat at the table before the meeting began with all the commissioners.  As I sat in the audience watching my 7 year old among the county commissioners, Everett sat proud and confident.  He proudly talked about how he shows his cow 304 at the Morrison County Fair.  He proudly wore his Snappy Elmdaler shirt.  Everett’s fellow club members showed support in each other as they passed the mic around introducing themselves and projects they enjoy through 4H.  4H gives kids a voice.  Their small voices may be small but they are important.  A voice that is filled with more confidence each passing year into young adults.  A voice of a leader.  4H is building leaders.  I am a proud 4H mom.


Everett with the Morrison County Commissioners


Everett surrounded by his fellow Snappy Elmdalers.  A club who is loyal to each other.  


Celebrating 4H Week


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