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The Human body is amazing

on October 14, 2016

Vivian had her final doctor appointment last week for her broken arm.  Her arm is healing and will continue to heal.  When Vivian first broke her arm I had felt so guilty.  We prepared ourselves to have a one year old in a cast trying to give a bath, trying to keep somewhat clean going to the barn to the house back out to the barn.  A sock, Press n’Seal, Ziplock bags and more socks became our best friends.  What probably made it worse for me as a mom is it didn’t bother Vivian in the slightest.  Where I just wanted to hold her and smother her in love.  She wanted none of the extra attention.  I was expecting her to be clingy, whining maybe wanting to snuggle more.  Nope.  That was not happening with Vivian.  Even the day of her procedure in the OR to straighten her arm, hospital staff had questioned why she was there because she was headed down the hall.  It was almost impossible to keep her in her hospital room.  She is strong willed and independent.  She was not going to let a broken arm slow her down and she didn’t.

When Vivian wiggled herself out of her cast the doctor decided it would be best to leave it off.  She isn’t in any pain because she was able to maneuver out of a full arm cast.  We monitored her healing with x-rays, x-rays and more x-rays.  It was amazing to watch her healing from her initial break to now.  When a bone is broken the body sends tons of calcium to the break.  It creates a weld where the break is.  We were able to feel this weld, bump on Vivian’s arm.  Once the body realizes it is healing it starts to take away calcium and smooths out the bone.  At her age because she is growing like a freight train it benefits her healing.  If she would have been an adult or even older she would of had to have rods and pins and it would have been much worse. On her last x-ray we could see how her body is beginning to build more bone up to straighten out her curve in her arm. She still has a slight bend but it has and will continue to straighten for about 3 months.  The body is amazing.  At Vivian’s age kids know what they can and can not do.  They listen to their bodies more than what adults do.  Where adults will power through the pain or over do something.  Little kids limit themselves.  They listen to their bodies.  The human body is pretty amazing.

Our ever independent Vivianimg_0731

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