Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Outside my kithen window

on November 6, 2016

As I stand before my sink washing the dishes for what feels like the 100th time of the day, I hear the rumble of a tractor.  The rattle of corn kernels flowing through the auger into the grain bin outside our front door.  I see Everett following his dad closely.  Watching his dad’s every move.  I know one day it will be Everett setting up augers and moving gravity boxes around the yard.  On my kitchen window sill sits a pile of Box for Tops for school which have been collected throughout the summer.  An ornament from my cousin to remind me Miracles do happen, she gave it to me when Vivian was born.  A time when Vivian was our miracle and continues to be.  A sea shell made into a turtle from my friend.  A mug with our wedding invitation verse etched on the glass.  “A new life begins between best friends with kindness and love that never ends.”  The words Nathan wrote.  A vase from my cousin’s wedding.  Other odds and ends I am not sure what to do with.

I look out my kitchen window and I can not help but think of all the generations of moms who have looked out the kitchen window of my home.  Being able to know exactly what is running by the sound.  I think of how many children have called our farm, “home”.  I think of the strong women who have raised their children here.  How many dishes have been done in this house.  I think of the girls who became young ladies, moms and then grandmas.  I think of these women and how many tears in silence they have cried feeling like the farm was eating them alive during the hard times.  I think of the young girls and boys who have worked along side their parents just like Everett and Vivian do.  Watching.  Learning.  Caring for their animals.  Milking cows.  Tending to their gardens.  Doing all they can to ensure a good crop for their cows and for their family.

Many things have changed on our farm over the last five generations.  One thing has stayed the same,  the heart of a dairy farmer.  The strength of the moms on this farm.  The women who may not have grown up on a farm but have welcomed this life with open arms because they fell in love with a dairy farmer.  The love for their children.  The love of the land and the love of their cows.  Faith has stayed the same.  Faith in God will provide for us and get us through the hard times.  Faith in God he will keep us safe.img_0747

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