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Everett’s Big Day

on December 16, 2016

Dairy farming is hard. It is hard on the body but it is harder on the heart at times.

Saturday was a big day for Everett. Everett’s First Reconciliation was in the morning and early afternoon he had his very first violin recital. During the week leading up to Saturday, Nate and I were looking forward to Everett’s big day. Reciting prayers and practicing his violin for Saturday filled our week. We prepared Everett for what Saturday would bring. “A big day for Everett” was said many times during the week. We talked about how First Reconciliation is a huge step towards First Communion. Nate and I shared with Everett our own First Reconciliation experiences. Everett and I talked about the recital. We talked about the difference between being nervous and scared. Everett was nervous and excited about his big day. Nathan and I felt like we just brought our baby boy to church to be baptized and now he is taking steps towards First Communion. How is this happening? Nathan and I were excited to be able to share these moments with Everett. We knew Saturday morning was going to be tight to make it to St. Anna by 9 a.m., but we were confident it was going to work.

Saturday morning came. Nathan and I made our way to the barn for morning milking. As we were ready to begin milking I hit the switch to turn on the milk pump. Instantly my heart sank. The hum of the motor started but suddenly a loud rumble and all was silent. I knew this wasn’t going to be a simple fix. My heart sank with frustration. I knew this meant Nate would need to stay home to get the motor fixed and then milk by himself. All week we were looking forward to share Everett’s special day together. All week we had talked about, “Everett’s special day.” My heart sank even further. Why? Why today, of all days?

This is the part of dairy farming that is hard. The times when things happen completely out of our control and no matter what, the farm always comes first. The cows always come before all else. This is the hard part to swallow at times. The times we look forward to and are greatly disappointed because it wasn’t a good day on the farm. The hard part is this isn’t the first time of disappointments and for sure it won’t be the last.



One response to “Everett’s Big Day

  1. farmmom says:

    I totally understand! I don’t know how many times my dad didn’t show to my dance recitals. Haha. And I will be working on Christmas (also my first born’s 5th bday) and am hoping my husband can hold the kids off long enough til I come home!

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