Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

A Christmas Star

on December 20, 2016

As I walk to the barn each morning and night, I see the corner of our star on the silo peaking around the side. Nathan and Everett surprised me last year with a lighted star on the silo. It was the best Christmas season surprise. For several years I would say, “We should have a star on the silo.” When we come down the road we can see it. From the highway you can see it. It is the only Christmas light we have on the farm.

Last year our Christmas Star had a special place for me. It was a gift of love from Nate and Everett to think of the season of Christmas and what it brings. It also reminds me of how my dad after Christmas would turn all the Christmas lights off and leave just the star on until January 16. For me, this year, the star peaking around the corner of the barn is a glimmer of hope. Dairy farming has been tough this past year. It has been hard on our bodies, it has been hard on our minds and it has been hard on our hearts. Stress levels are high. There have been times when words have been sharper then intended. Frustrations of markets out of our control. When I see my Christmas Star this year I am given hope. Hope that dairy markets will continue to improve. I see only a glimpse of my Christmas star but if I walk to the other side of the silo I see the entire star, the bigger picture. When I am feeding calves and look up from the bitter cold instead of grumbling how cold it is and rushing back to the barn to warm my freezing hands. I see a bright star shining down on me. It gives me hope. It gives me courage to continue. It helps me see the bigger picture even if I can only see a part of it right now.img_1265

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