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Secret Santa isn’t just for kids

on January 13, 2017

This Christmas season I was excited to participate in the Country Christmas Connection. It is a Secret Santa exchange for ag bloggers. As soon as I received my Secret Santa name I started doing my research and reading my fellow ag blogger’s blog, Adriane at Little House on the Dairy .

As I began putting together a special gift for Adriane, I wondered in the back of my mind about my own Secret Santa. When would my gift come in the mail. I wondered who had drawn my name. Is it someone I know? As I read Adriane’s blog I knew right away I needed to send donuts from Pete & Joy’s Bakery in Little Falls. (If you are ever in Little Falls on a Thursday, stop at the Little Falls Senior Center and pick up some of their donuts.  Those are YUMMY!) When Vivian and I stopped at our favorite local bakery to pick out donuts, we needed to get a few donuts for ourselves. I love donuts!

img_1373Adriane is braver than I making her own donuts. Off was the Secret Santa package to Missouri along with Pete & Joy’s donuts to Adriane. I hoped she enjoyed the donuts just as much as I do. You can read here to see if she enjoyed them.

When my package arrived at my house, I was excited. Everything in the box was just for me. Even the tissue paper was pink! Pink gloves! I love pink and have loved pink my entire life. I loved pink when it wasn’t cool, or the “in” color. She also included Chia tea, one of my favorite warm beverages, along with a new mug. Mugs always seem to make it outside to tractors, trucks and the barn. These mugs never find their way back inside the house and if they do, they have battle scars to show where they were. Chipped, missing handles or never returned to the house. Even the mugs I have declared, “Not allowed outside!” seem to sneak outside.

As I opened my Secret Santa package, I couldn’t believe how I felt like Stacy from Indiana at The Backroad Life knew me and we have never met before. Thank you, Stacy, for keeping this dairy mom’s hands warm in the bitter cold and warming my soul with a good cup of Chai tea. I have declared this, “Mommy’s Cup!”img_1729



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