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Meatloaf and Urgent Care

on February 6, 2017

Meatloaf is a quick and easy meal. Mashed potatoes on the side smothered in gravy and you have the best comfort food around. You can add any ingredients from cheese to vegetables. Left over meatloaf is also great for sandwiches.

Here is my simple meatloaf recipe. We will get to the urgent care later.

1 lb. ground beef

1 egg

About ½ cup of oatmeal, you can also use bread crumbs or crushed saltine crackers

Salt and pepper, parsley or garlic to taste

A couple squirts of ketchup, sometimes I use mustard or barbecue sauce


Mix together not to much because I am told it will get mushy.

Form two loafs. I cover a baking sheet with tin foil for easy clean up.


Top with sliced onions drizzle with olive oil.

Bake at 350 degrees until the center reaches 160 degrees

I used to bake it in a bread pan but I thought I would give this a try because sometimes the edges get crusty in the bread pan.

A smile from a 2 year old across the counter and you have the best meatloaf ever. So I thought.


After the meatloaf was baking for about 20 minutes, I went to check the inside temperature of the meatloaf. I heard Vivian come into the kitchen and told her, “No, no, back Viv. Hot!” After a few moments, I heard her whine and then she began to cry cry. I turned to look at her standing behind me and she had an electrical wire cutter stuck on her middle finger her other hand stuck on the back end of the tool. “What?!”, was my initial reaction. I quickly got her finger free and yelled for Nate who was in the living room having lunch. Vivian cut her finger and she cut it bad. I called the clinic hoping we would be able to get in, instead of having to go to the ER. There were no openings at the clinic so I was advised to go to Urgent Care instead of the ER. We were able to get a band aid on her finger and then her mitten on. I turned the oven off and left my half baked meatloaf behind. Off to Urgent Care Vivian and I went. It was decided Vivian didn’t need stitches because it would cause her more trauma then necessary. The doctor cleaned her finger and used sterile strips to keep her cut closed. Vivian’s tiny finger is healed now, but she will have a scar to which she will ask Nate and me, “What happened here?” I will begin to tell her, “All I wanted to do was bake meatloaf…”

2 responses to “Meatloaf and Urgent Care

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    Oh, poor Viv……Hope she heals well!

  2. Jan Bremer says:

    Never a dull moment…Hugs!

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