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Women in Ag and a Day with Vivian

on March 20, 2017

One day this past week, Vivian and I had a girl day.  I started the day out like every day with morning milking.  I rushed into the house to get ready. I was somewhat looking and feeling like a lady.  Vivian and I made the half hour trek to a Women in Ag Seminar, of course we were late but the morning snacks were still out so I called that a big win.  As I sat – and then stood to wrangle my 2 year-old – I couldn’t help but look around the room.  It was a room filled with women in agriculture.  Some were retired, some were traditional farm wives, some were working in the ag industry as nutritionists, loan officers or extension educators and some were the emotional support to their husbands – especially now when times are hard.  Some were working off the farm and were looking to get a better idea of their role in agriculture.  Some were working alongside their husband everyday raising their families knee-deep in agriculture.  As I looked around the room and saw all the wonderful women in agriculture, I refocused on the women who I look to as mentors.  I look to women who inspire me to be a better dairy mom, wife and farmer.  I look to the women who work along side their husband everyday.  I look to the women who struggle with crying babies and mooing cows ready to be milked.  I look to the women who have hands that are swollen from morning milking but walk into a room every bit a lady.  As we walked into the room scanning for a table, I saw her – the woman who I look up to, who inspires me. IMG_2485[1]

As Vivian took over the back table and decided she no longer needed her boots and dress on, I realized what onesie she had on, “Future Dairy Farmer”.  Vivian may choose another path in her life but I do know inspirational women in the dairy industry surround her.


After the seminar, I needed to make a few quick stops.  Vivian decided she no longer needed her clothes on at the Dress Barn.  Vivian was “helpful” to the lady in the next changing room as she picked out a dress.  Thankfully the store clerk at the Dress Barn was patient and kind.  Vivian loved and then screamed when I said we were ready to leave Payless.  She wouldn’t stay in the cart at Target and I have a new appreciation to stores with doors to the floor in their dressing rooms.  We started the day fresh and ready to take on the world but at the end of the day – Vivian needed a milk and I needed a latte.


We needed a pick me up.  Milk and a latte with whole milk is all we needed.  


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