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This Mark Matters

on April 10, 2017

Nathan and I were making plans to attend our co-op’s annual meeting in mid-March. Days before, actually the day before, we still weren’t sure if I was going to be able to go.  Finalizing milking for when we were gone was not going in our favor. I was beginning to get frustrated and well, sad, that I probably wasn’t going to be able to go.  Someone needed to stay home and milk cows and it needed to be me.  Nate serves as a delegate for our co-op and together we serve on our Young Cooperators Steering Committee.  Delegate trumps YC.  During milking one night it all came crashing in as I vented to Nate my frustrations. “What is the point? All I want to do is see Shelly and Jamie! What is the universe trying to tell me? What does it even matter for me to go? What is the point? Like I have anything of value to say or do?”

The universe came through and we were able to have milkings covered for when we would be gone. Nathan and I both were able to go to our annual meeting. As we walked in to register, I don’t think the universe could have slapped me across the face any harder. The theme for the meeting was, “This Mark Matters.”IMG_2541

To me, this was much more than a theme for the meeting. The emotions, frustrations and triumphs I have been feeling the last couple months all came crashing in with a simple, “This Mark Matters.” Our mark matters in our communities. Maybe we volunteer in our community or are part of community organizations or simply showing up to support community events. This mark matters. Our mark matters to our neighbors offering kind words and a smile to a stranger. Our mark matters in our families whether we are raising our children or offering encouraging words to the mom at the store with the screaming kid. This mark matters. Our mark matters in the things that make us happy and in the things that challenge us. There are times when I feel my mark does not matter and the world is closing in around us. There are times I feel my voice has no value – it doesn’t matter. But it does.  It matters to my husband and my children. It matters to Everett when I cheer him on when he does well on a spelling test. It matters to Nate to remind him that I love him. This mark does matter. Our mark does matter.



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