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Everett’s 1st Communion

on May 2, 2017

Sunday Everett celebrated his First Holy Communion. All week I was thinking and praying about it. I would pray for Everett and I would pray I would be able to get my house in a little bit of order without feeling like I was losing my mind or going crazy by Sunday. First, we had to get his banner completed. A project that had been sitting on my china hutch for about 2 months waiting to be started. We started on Tuesday. Everett had picked out the menu. He was looking forward to making his special salad – Iceberg lettuce with mushrooms, cheese, cucumbers, eggs (without the yolks), sunflower seeds, croutons and peas in the pods.

All week I thought about my own First Communion. I wore a white dress my mom had made for the special day. All week Everett had talked about how nervous he was. Having nerves are a good thing, I told him, and being nervous means something is important.IMG_3895[1]

I thought back to when Nathan and I brought Everett, our new baby, to our parish church to be baptized. Family and friends gathered to celebrate our new baby and now we are coming together to celebrate him as a confident 7 year old. I thought back to how we chose his godparents. His godparents are important people – they are a shining light on Everett. They are a constant in his world.IMG_3739

I thought about how we decided for Everett to be baptized and now, he whole heartedly was ready to receive communion. I thought about how I held my baby dressed in white and now he sat next to me, dressed in his black suit whispering to me how nervous he was. A baby I once held now stood in front of the congregation holding his First Communion candle, waving at his cousins, repeatedly. A little boy filled with so much joy stood before me.IMG_3766

During milking the night before, as I was running through the lists of what I needed to do yet, I thought about communion and what it means to me now. I thought about the time in my life where I still attended Mass but I chose not to receive communion. I thought about why I didn’t. At that time, I was mad at God. It was after my mom had passed and I was mad. I felt I shouldn’t receive if I had doubted my faith and was so mad at God. When I look back, that was a time when I needed Jesus the most. My soul needed to be fed. I thought about the first time I received communion after not for so long, and what it meant to my family for my soul to be fed again.

Everett’s First Communion brought me many emotions, but the one that was front and center was, love. Love from family and friends and love from Jesus.


Everett was able to receive the blood of Christ from his Great-Grandfather Roman’s 4th Degree Knight’s of Columbus Chalice.  

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