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3 year Blogiversary

on May 4, 2017

May 1 marked Raising a Farmer’s 3 year blogiversary. My very first blog post was about why I wanted to start blogging and the push I needed to start. It was titled, Dairy Farm MOM. I had debated about blogging for a long time before I even started writing. I was scared to start. I was scared of needing to protect my farm, my family and more importantly, I needed to protect Everett. I felt if I was going to write I needed to be honest about what I wrote. I needed to be truthful. I needed to share the reality of a dairy farming family. The struggles having children in tow. The struggles being late for everything. For me sharing our family and farm story is one in the same, what affects our family affects the farm and what affects the farm affects our family. I cannot write about one and not the other. For us they are one in the same.

I needed to be open and open to opinions that might not agree with my own. It is easy to hide behind a keyboard and say not very nice things. I knew if I was going to share our farm story Everett was going to be the center and I needed to protect him in every way and yet be honest. I knew it needed to sound like me. Just as if you were sitting at my kitchen counter. At the time I didn’t even know I was expecting a new baby. (I just put that together now with the dates.) At the time, I was coming to the realization and accepting the fact Everett would be an only child. Nathan and I had our second miscarriage a month before.

The thing is, is when I write I can pick and choose topics. There are stories I keep to ourselves and there are stories I share. If I feel I can’t be completely honest about it or I am not confident enough to answer the tough questions, I don’t write about it. When I write and share pictures about my children I ask myself, “What does an outsider (outside of farming see)” I do this because farming is complicated. Farming is dangerous. The top on the list of what farming is, is love. I do this to protect my family but also to protect the integrity of dairy farming. Love for our family, our farm, our cows, our land.

When I first started, I was trying to figure out what I wanted my blog to be. A friend of mine messaged me. The post she responded to was about how Everett’s cow 304 was having a baby and Everett was there to help 304 along the way. (You can read 304 is in labor)  My friend messaged me on how she loved it and had read it to her daughter as a bedtime story. I didn’t need anymore thought about my blog’s direction, I knew. It’s about something everyone (adults and kids) can relate to, not just dairy farmers: life. Our life just happens to be on a dairy farm. Some of my most cherished responses I get is to how Raising a Farmer brings back so many memories for people. Good memories. Good memories my own children will have growing up on a dairy farm. Growing up in the barn.

Thank you for following along as I, Raise a Farmer.  IMG_6990bn2

3 responses to “3 year Blogiversary

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    Your heart and soul is in all you write, Brenda! I enjoy each and every post. Farming touches us all and you bring it to life. So, thank you, for taking a risk in sharing your heart and enlightening the rest of us to all the work that goes before that glass of milk. God’s blessings as you continue………

  2. elainefroese says:

    It was great to meet you again today. Your writing and your story is important. All farm parents need to share their stories. Keep writing and encouraging !

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