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Celebrating Breakfast at School

on May 19, 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I took for granted the fact Everett’s school offers free breakfast to all of their students in the classroom. There are many schools where breakfast is not offered. Mornings are tough and there are some mornings waking up is just plain hard. It takes time to wake up before you want to eat. I know I don’t like to eat right away. For some students their day starts really, really early. I have talked with teachers and the impact breakfast makes on students is huge. A teacher told me, “Breakfast at school is huge! I have kids that would not get a breakfast if they didn’t get to eat breakfast at school. I love the fact that the breakfast is free for them too, because if it wasn’t, they would not be able to afford two meals a day at school.”

A couple of weeks ago Everett and I were invited to General Mills headquarters to celebrate breakfast at schools. Everett and I shared our dairy story with General Mills employees. I was able to share why breakfast is so important at school not just as a dairy farmer but more importantly as a mom.

General Mills employees, Everett and I filled back-packs of granola bars and breakfast foods to be donated to students at a metro-area school where breakfast is not offered. This was a huge teaching moment as a mom to my young son. When we think of hungry kids we think they live far away but to talk to Everett about how lucky he and his classmates are to get breakfast in the classroom and that not every student in the state receives breakfast. A special thank you to Jordan who gave Everett and I our very own special tour of the company store. We had lots of questions about all the great foods from General Mills. Thank you Jordan! IMG_3562


The next day Everett was able to share his experience at General Mills headquarters with his classmates. He had fun things to show and tell.

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