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Showmanship Just isn’t in the Show Ring

on August 28, 2017

There is a part of every dairy show I look forward to watching and that is showmanship. As soon as the kids enter the ring for the first time in the morning they are beginning to be judge on their showmanship throughout the dairy show. The judge watches as they walk in the ring with each and every animal. The judge watches and takes all into account for the final showmanship class.

When Jordan finished his 4-H experience with Grand Champion Showmanship at the Morrison County Fair,  I could not be more proud of him.


Jordan is the role model every mom wants for her young 4-Her. Where the dairy judge watches in the ring, I watch outside the ring. I watch Jordan work alongside his mom throughout the four days of the fair, taking great care and pride of his animals. With Jordan there is no showboating. He stays focused and on task when he is in the ring. He walks as one with his animals at a slow, steady pace. It is a wonderful thing to watch. Jordan helps with a smile when something is asked of him. During the state fair lineup, as we waited for the judge to place all the animals, a little girl was standing by the fence looking at Jordan’s cow, without missing a beat Jordan asked her, “Do you want to pet her?” A big smile came across her face and Jordan’s.

As I congratulated Jordan telling him how happy I was for him and how sad I was he was graduating out of 4-H, he reminded me he would still be around. There is no other way to describe Jordan but, he is a good kid and he isn’t a kid anymore – he is a strong young man. He is kind and generous.

As a dairy mom and 4-H mom, I stress to my tribe – it is outside of the ring that matters. The life lessons learned isn’t where you place in the ring, it is the hard work leading up to the fair that has value. The hard work at the fair taking care of your animal, engaging with fairgoers, always helping with a smile has strong merit.

Kids fun with Dairy Night

Jordan helping Raising a Farmer with “Kids Fun with Dairy Night” at the Morrison County Fair 2017

Enjoying your time at the fair is important. Disappointments will happen, “But did you have fun?” I always stress with the kids, it isn’t how you place but were you able to handle your animal? Were you able to stay calm when she decided to do something else and get her refocused? Jordan has been this role model, outside of the ring. So when Jordan left the show ring with three purple ribbons in total, it was just the icing on the cake!

Jordan with his Purple Ribbons

Jordan with his Purple Ribbons from the Morrison County Fair 2017

2 responses to “Showmanship Just isn’t in the Show Ring

  1. Showmanship has always and will always be my favorite for just these reasons. Way to go Jordan!

  2. […] Jordan with his Purple Ribbons from the Morrison County Fair 2017 […]

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