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First Day of School~2017~A little sister missing her Big Brother

on September 6, 2017

We made the bus on time the first day.  I had nightmares for about three days leading up to the first day. Missing the bus the first day of school. I’d wake up in a panic. Yesterday was easy peasy getting ready. So I am going to put that in the win column with a big star because there will be times when the win column is behind and needs a reset.

Everett brought a monarch caterpillar to share with his class.

Everett was excited for 3rd grade and Vivian was sad once Everett left. Vivian was lost and needed some extra hugs today. That’s ok, because I was a little lost too and needed the extra hugs too.

2 responses to “First Day of School~2017~A little sister missing her Big Brother

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    Is Everett really in 3rd grade?!! He is so handsome and Viv still as adorable as ever…….maybe some coffee time one of these days? Will look forward to that!

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