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A veterinarian is an important part of a dairy farm.

on October 27, 2017

Originally posted on Raising a Farmer Facebook Page  on 10/26/2017  

A veterinarian is an important part of a dairy farm.

There are times when one of our cows just isn’t feeling very good. Just like when you would go to the doctor when you yourself just don’t feel right, we call our vet to come to the farm to treat one of our cows. Just like we care for our families we try things at home first. You have tried different things at home but it is time to go to the doctor. Our cows can’t tell us when they just don’t feel right. We look for signs for our cows to tell us they just aren’t feeling right. Most times we can problem solve and get her feeling better with out calling the vet but there are times when it is time to call the vet.

Some of the signs we look at is their poop. Has it changed? Is it runny? Is she constipated? Is she digesting her feed? Yes, we look at her poop very carefully.

Has she gone off feed? This means, is she eating the same amount as she has the day before? Is she picking through her feed? Is this different for her? Some cows pick through their feed. Is she drinking enough water? Cows drink a lot of water. Going off feed is a sign of a big problem. Cows are hearty eaters. As soon as they hear the mixer wagon or skid loader they are waiting for lunch by the feed lane.

Each cow has her own personality. When we see them up close twice a day. Nathan and I can tell when one of our cows just “doesn’t look right.” It could be the way she holds her head. The way she walks. Just like when one of your kids isn’t feeling very good how many times have you said, “He just doesn’t look right.”

We had to call the vet and Dr. Neil came to the farm. Vivian had a front row seat. Watching carefully Dr. Neil’s every move. dr.neil&Viv

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