Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Finding Peace Doing the Dishes

on November 28, 2017

Dishes can be a dreaded chore. Usually it seems to take me about three days to get all the dishes and pots and pans put away. Some people may see the dishes after a big meal as a dreaded chore but for me, after an event or holiday, I find peace. I find peace as I do the dishes by myself because I am able to think about the day.IMG_8734[1]

I am able to smile about the faces that gathered in our home.

I am able to laugh about how the two youngest members of our family felt clothes were optional this year on Thanksgiving. Apparently clothes make you sweaty. I think about holidays when I was a child and how those special times are so cherished now. I smile at how, as soon as we are done eating, Everett and Noah are ready to go outside with their BB guns. The special times I have with my nieces and sister-in-law looking through the Black Friday ads. How the girls tried on my old dance costumes, flower girl dress and First Communion dress.IMG_8707[1]

Before anyone came, as I walked into the house from finishing morning milking, “Mom we have a lot of work to do yet! We have to make the table bigger and get the turkey out of the oven!” The excitement in Everett’s voice I can still hear in my mind as I do the dishes. Doing the dishes bring me peace. “Mom when are they going to get here? Mom, call auntie Cyndie and see where they are!” Everett was not patiently waiting.IMG_8696[1]

Knowing I am able to prepare a meal for my family brings me peace. I think of how many times family and friends have gathered around the exact same dining table through the years. From my grandparents’ home to my parents’ home to now our home. How many times it has been made bigger and how many times it has been made smaller. How many times dishes have been carefully set at the table. How many times warm food has been placed on the table. How many times grace has been said giving thanks.IMG_8736[1]

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