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2017 left our hearts broken, saying Good-bye to 304

on January 3, 2018

Just when we thought 2017 could not break our hearts anymore, it proved us wrong.

We had to say good-bye to Everett’s special cow 304.  Our hearts are broken because we did everything we possibly could do and it wasn’t enough. It didn’t make her better.  Our hearts are broken because there is a hard part of dairy farming~life. Our hearts are broken.  Everyone knew she was never going to leave our farm, we’ve been repeatedly asked by dairy farmers,  “What are you going to do?”  She was going to turn into a pet. Everyone knew how much she meant to Everett.

304 taught us so much.

Everett has two of 304’s daughters, Arendelle and Lady Wilt.

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2 responses to “2017 left our hearts broken, saying Good-bye to 304

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss…….304 was such a part of the lives of all of us who read your blog……Blessings and healing, Marilyn

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