Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Everett is ready to fix Stuff

on January 5, 2018

At my mom’s family Christmas, we have an auction. There is a set amount we want to reach and those dollars are used to purchase gifts/auction items for the auction the following year. We play cards for the remainder of the gifts. Everett was eyeing up a letterman/multi-tool thinger do that you wear on your belt. If there is something you really would like you request for the auctioneer to begin the bidding on it. My brother was the auctioneer. Everett ran up to the table and handed him the tool.  Nate was bidding on it. Everett was bidding and at times Everett was bidding against himself.

Its organized chaos. Or is it the excitement of an auction?

During evening chores one night, Everett was ready to fix stuff.

When Nate was fixing a handle I had earlier broke.  (The straw room door was froze shut and when I went to open it, the handle came off)  He asked Everett if he could use his new tool. Everett told Nate, “Don’t break it!”

Everett ready to fix

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