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The Country Christmas Connection~2017

on January 15, 2018

The Country Christmas Connection is a way for agriculture bloggers to connect with other bloggers or ones who are active on social media sharing their story. This is a great fun way to connect.

It amazes me how someone you have never met before can know you so well. I patiently waited for my package to arrive wondering who my Country Christmas Connection would be? I wonder what we would have in common? Who is it? What part of ag would our connection be in?  Talk about suspense!

It arrived from Chelsy Mesman over at Organic Dairy Mama   I love handwritten notes.  Her words were so sweet and kind.  Thank you Chelsy.  As I continued to open the package each gift was individually wrapped.  IMG_4166  With each gift opened I was amazed how Chelsy knew me so well.  At the same time it gave me comfort knowing my online self and my off line self are the same.

IMG_1740Candy for my never ending sweet tooth. Lipstick and pretty soap to help me feel like a girl (Some days I just want to be a girl but barn clothes and barn smell takes over). Homemade apple butter I love canned goodies. (The love and patience that goes into canning is a gift) A Nicholas Sparks book, How did she know? (Can we say the Notebook?)   And of course a new cook book.  Seriously Chelsy, have we met in another world before? Thank you Chelsy so much for all of your gifts!



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