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Dairy Day at Minnesota State Capital

on April 26, 2018

On Wednesday, April 18 Everett and I attended Dairy Day at the Capitol in St. Paul, Minn. with Minnesota Milk. This is an opportunity for dairy farmers to meet with legislators, relay their concerns and share their dairy story. This is a time to discuss new policy and current policy and programs that are working well for farms.


Everett and I headed to the state Capital

As a mom this is a great way to teach my children. Showing is teaching and teaching is showing. Someone had asked me if this was a school project for Everett because I took him out of school for the day. The answer was, no this is not a school project. This is a farm project. As a mom and a dairy farmer this is to teach my children, showing up is important. Talking about what you love and how it affects your community and communities around you.


Watching the House of Representatives in session

As we walked through the halls of the state capital, senate and house buildings, we weren’t alone. The halls were full of constituents with their own concerns for their communities. Showing up shows my children if you want your voice to be heard you need to show up. It shows my children no matter how small your voice is, it matters. There is a process. It shows my children building relationships with people is important and makes a difference. It matters what we say and do. It shows my children we can have a different opinion but yet still have conversations to make a difference.

Meeting with Senator Paul Gazelka

Meeting with Senator and Lt. Govenor Michelle Fischbach. She gifted Everett a Senator pin needless to say we heard all day how he was a Senator. 


Meeting with Senator Torrey Westrom 

It shows my children our own communities need us. Whether we are giving our time to our churches or holding a public office in our towns and communities. Taking the time to listen to a neighbor. Our communities need us. Each and everyone of us are important to our community because all of us make up our community. Our communities need us to listen. Our communities need us to show up.


The decisions that are made today will impact my children. Even if my children choose not to farm they will know how important it is to use their voice in their local communities and beyond. To use their voice kindly and to listen.


The reason why we show up. When we got home I still needed to go out to the barn. 

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