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Peach BBQ Chicken

on May 31, 2018

Summer is officially here, which means BBQ season is officially here!

Here is a recipe Everett and I came up with over Memorial Weekend.  Enjoy!

Chicken can be kinda tricky making on the grill with all the fat dipping off and starting a fire. (Good thing I am married to a fire fighter)

First step is to brown your chicken on a stove top grill. Season with salt and pepper.  if You like legs use all legs if you like thighs use all thighs if you like well you get the picture. peachbbqchicken

As the chicken is doing its thing, I start chopping up 1 onion and 1 peach.  Let them get to know each other in a cast iron pan with some Olive oil.


The chicken is doing its’ thing, the peaches and onions are happy sweating out (What a work out) and getting tender with some salt and pepper. We begin building our BBQ sauce. IMG_5075

Raising a Farmer BBQ Sauce

2 Cups Ketchup

1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

1 Teaspoon steak sauce

1 teaspoon garlic

small shake of salt

two shakes of pepper

1 teaspoon of paprika

3 tablespoons of BS (brown Sugar he he he)

1 Tortilla Chip crushed (Optional Everett’s secret ingredient)

1 tablespoon of water or red wine Vinegar (Depending on what you have in the house)

Whisk together

While you are building your sauce make sure you keep an eye on your chicken on the grill and onions/peaches in the cast iron pan, so they don’t burn and smoke your kitchen out. (It’s happened before)

Place 1/2 done chicken on onions and Peaches. Pour BBQ sauce over top, cover with tin foil and place in the oven at 325 degrees for about 30-40 mins or until chicken is at 140 degrees.  Look how cozy they are.

Serve with a baked potato topped with sour cream an a fresh salad on the side. Now if that doesn’t scream Summer on a Sunday I don’t know what does! IMG_5082





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