Raising a Farmer

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School has Started for 2018

on September 6, 2018

Just like that summer is over. The air is different.

The smells have changed. School has started.

The colors of the earth are changing. Harvesting crops is here. Routines are different.

Hearts will be lonely but hearts will be excited for new adventures and places to explore through knowledge. School has started.

Back to a bedtime. Back to early mornings. School has started.

First day of school.

We are getting better.

We are passed crawling into our bed with cookie dough feeling completely lost when Everett is gone.

We are past looking at each other, “Now what?”

We are still lost when he is at school.

We all want to hear everything about his day.

I think his little sister shows the best how we all feel when Everett gets off the bus.






One response to “School has Started for 2018

  1. Meg M. says:

    Oh the happy ending made me cry!!!!!!

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