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Creamy Tomato Soup

on September 17, 2018

I love soup.

I could eat soup for every single meal. I love soup. I wish there was a place that only served soup. A soup bar. I would be in heaven.

Fresh tomatoes are beginning to come to an end in central Minnesota. I canned and canned tomatoes for hotdishes and salsa.

I had a few left over and thought. Why not make fresh tomato soup?

Creamy Fresh Tomato Soup 

1 chopped onion

The middle heart of the celery with all the leaves or about 3 stalks chopped up

3-4 cloves of garlicIMG_0215[1]

1 small fresh jalapeno diced (depending if you like lots of heat or just a little take the seeds out)

some fresh chopped cilantro

3-4 table spoons of oil and butter

a couple splashes of red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon of salt and some pepper

add to the pot and let it sweat it out IMG_0219[1]

When onions begin to be translucent add about 2 quarts of tomato puree

Here is a video of how we did it

more salt, pepper and parsley flakes to taste, simmer about 20 minutes on low


add 1 cup Whole milk AND 1 cup heavy cream stir together simmer about 10 minutes

While it simmers and the smells are lofting through the house and you have children you or may not hear, “Vivian, you be the pin!” In which case you have plenty of time between the simmer and the enjoying to referee. Always keep your stove on low in case the refereeing takes longer than anticipated.


and ENJOY!!

On the same note of having a toddler living with you, sometimes your Instagram worthy pictures have little toddler fingers pushing your sandwich to the enter of the earth. It still tastes delicious, just maybe completely soaked more than you would like.


Toasted french bread with provolone cheese and basil sprinkles with Creamy Tomato Soup





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