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Morrison County Fair prep 2018

on November 7, 2018

It started out as a highlight video for the Morrison County Fair and then turned into a short film.

As I edited and re-watched and re-watched again. I kept thinking about how many people I have in my life who support me. So many people help me behind the scenes and in the scenes. So many people help me so I am able to do the things I do. I am so grateful for each and everyone of them. Some might think they are little things they are helping me with but it is a big thing to me!

This year I hosted two events a scavenger hunt and a “Fun Night with Dairy” at the fair. Both exceeded my expectations and I plan on these events again for next year. Everett added a pig to his lineup of animals which was an experience in itself.

The scavenger hunt was all three days of the fair. Some of the questions were to find all 7 of Everett’s non-livestock 4H projects along with his livestock projects. Another question was to name a 4H club for each spices of animal at the fair. It was a great success with 120 t-shirts given out. The response was it made hunters look in the barns and spend time in the barns instead of just walking through.

On the first night of the fair I hosted “Fun Night with Dairy” in the show arena. About 150 fair goers came to the arena and could walk, pet, take pictures, play games and receive some awesome dairy giveaways (milk and cheese sticks). The best part I think was kids were able to find a calves heart beat!

Thank you again to everyone who helps us along the way!

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