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Minnesota Lt. Governor Inauguration Speech is more than just words

on January 20, 2019

On Monday January 7, 2019 I stood in my kitchen. Everett was home from school because the roads were too icy for the buses. He and Vivian played in the living room as I made lunch. My morning was spent milking cows with my husband, on a farm he grew up on. A farm that has been in his family for over 125 years. Our children are the 6th generation to play in the same back yard just as so many before have. I look out my kitchen window and see hopes and dreams for my children and myself.

As I made lunch for my family, I knew the day was a special day because it was inauguration day for the State of Minnesota. I had the inauguration on in the background of the house as I went about my kitchen. As the new Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan began to share her story, her hopes for Minnesota and her dreams for her daughter her words stopped me. I listened to every word she said. I listened knowing her words were real.

“Their support created pathways.”

“Farm kids struggling to figure out if they are able to stay on the land that they love.”

“My job is to show young people like her(LT. Gov.’s Daughter), what is possible.”

“Young people in rural communities who feel forgotten.”

Her words stopped me because I have a young son. A son who wants to one day be a farmer. He wants to be a farmer where his great-great-great grandparents farmed. He wants to continue a legacy built on faith, love and family. I have a daughter who is vibrant and full of life. Lt. Flanagan words stopped me because I have two small children thriving in rural Minnesota. I also whole heartedly agree with Lt. Flanagan it is my job to teach and show my children their voice matters. It is my job to make sure they know each of their voice’s are strong and valuable to their community. Her words stopped me because I live in rural Minnesota. I live where I see and hear many youth feel unimportant or say, “What can I do?”

I am part of an industry where many feel forgotten, used or thrown aside. I am in an industry where many say to their children, “Don’t come back to the farm.” “Go and do something else.” I hear rural life is dead. I hear. I listen. I myself have cried those words out loud, “Why would I wish this onto my children? Why would I wish heartache onto my children?” I myself have felt like a number at times. But then I reset and push on.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan’s inauguration speech was more than just words, they were reality. I am hopeful for Minnesota coming together as one. I am hopeful for rural communities. img_0992[1]


One response to “Minnesota Lt. Governor Inauguration Speech is more than just words

  1. Virginia stay says:

    Am hoping at least the lt. governor understands, not sure if you heard our new governors words shortly after election or not, but claimed rural America is nothing but cows and rocks, i believe were his words….

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