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Morrison County Milk Project~Week 1

on January 29, 2019

The Morrison County Milk Project I created and began working on the beginning of December. After meeting and phone calls and more meetings and more phone calls it came together. Watching an idea come to life and grow is an amazing thing. I wanted to get whole milk in the hands of kids. I wanted to make milk exciting. I wanted to provide awareness of how important dairy farmers are in our local communities. I wanted to share milk is a good food choice.

The kids and I, along with some helpers along the way are bringing milk to every varsity activity in Morrison County. In addition to this we are selling chances for a dairy baskets at each school to spread this message.

We began this last week delivering milk to the Swanville Boys Basketball team practice and Pierz Healy High School’s activities practice.

Swanville Boys Basketball 

Pierz Healy High School Activities

We kicked off the dairy basket giveaway at the Pierz Boys Basketball game on Friday.

In Pierz, the FFA club helped distribute the milk after practice on Wednesday. They also helped sell chances at the game. Friday night was Critical Cause Night for Jacob Furhman. The FFA club decided to give all the proceeds for their basket to Jacob Fuhrman who is in need of a surgery. One dairy basket raised $485 for Jacob and his family.

Corey Watland from Pierz FFA helped sell tickets for the dairy basket. We were able to raise $485 for Jacob’s surgery. 

When I started off the new year and this project I had in the forefront of my mind, “small things matter.” I had no idea how quickly that would happen. I had no idea what positive conversations and change can become with just getting milk into the hands of kids. Small things do Matter.

Thank you to our sponsors for helping me make this happen.

Kemps, Coborns, Central Minnesota Credit Union, Dairy Farmers of America, AMPI, Bongards Cheese, First District Association

Thank you!

      Follow us along as we share the power of milk in Morrison County!



2 responses to “Morrison County Milk Project~Week 1

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    Way to go sweet Brenda! Share your passion! So proud of you!

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