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Morrison County Milk Project~Week 2

on February 4, 2019

This last week started out colder than a freezer. Schools were closed for three days because of the cold. Actual temps were in the -30’s bringing wind chills in the -50’s. It was cold. It was fun listening to the weathermen describe the cold. We heard, “Stupidly cold” “Embarrassingly cold” “idiotically cold” and our favorite “sadistically cold”. It was cold. The week started out cold but by Thursday late afternoon we were ready to get out and about and deliver milk.IMG_2967[1]

When I first started this project my main focus was three points: to get whole milk in the hands of kids, bring awareness of the importance of agriculture in our communities and milk is a healthy food choice. To do this I bring milk to kids and the second part is raffling off a dairy basket at a home game. I never could have imagined how it was going to evolve. Into something amazing.

Small things matter and doing them with big love has always been a motto of mine. It is humbling to see those things grow. Every time we bring milk to a team the excitement it brings is pretty awesome to see. The kids say thank you once, twice, three times. Parents message me and say “thank you”. One team asked when we were going to come back with milk. People in my community ask me “How can I help?”

On Thursday we visited the Little Falls Boys Hockey team. We were welcomed with big open arms by the team and rink manager. Coach Couture promised his Little Falls Hockey team milk after every game.

Coach Couture is also Everett’s PE teacher. Everett was happy to see him. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Where’s Everett? Little Falls Boys Hockey Team 

On Friday, we made our way to Pierz for the wrestling match and then to Little Falls for their Gymnastics meet. I was so thankful for Emily who made it possible to have dairy baskets at both events. In Pierz the funds went to the Pierz FFA Club.

Seth Winscher represented the Pierz FFA Cub at the Wrestling match in Pierz. We enjoyed talking farming and chore time with this dairy farm kid! 

The Little Falls Gymnastic team rallied around one of their own who had lost her home to a house fire. The team had decided to give her and her family the monies raised from the basket at their meet. Small things matter. When I started this project I thought bringing awareness to my own industries struggles would be the focus. Never could I have imagined what a basket of butter, cheese and milk shakes could do for my community. Never could I have imagined the power of milk.    IMG_3082[1]

Little Falls Gymnastic Team


Thank you Emily for helping me spread the POWER of MILK.


Thank you to our sponsors for helping me make this happen.

KempsCobornsCentral Minnesota Credit Union, Dairy Farmers of AmericaAMPIBongards CheeseFirst District Association

2 responses to “Morrison County Milk Project~Week 2

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    You go girl! That beautiful smile would charm anyone……..Brenda, you are amazing! God is certainly blessing you with new endeavors for your love of farming and belief in it’s value to us all.

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