Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Week 3 ~of The Morrison County Milk Project~2/4/19-2/8/1

on February 12, 2019

The week started out strong with the power of milk.

Monday Vivian and I spent part of our morning on Falls Radio KLTF Party Line sharing about our Project. Callers called in asked questions and we talked about milk and food. Thank you to Ron, Melanie and Steve supporting my project. Thank you.

After school on Monday we headed to the Little Falls Girls and Boys Basketball teams practices to deliver Milk.IMG_3127

Between girls and boys practice in Little Falls we headed to our local library. We had a teachable moment on World Encyclopedias. Seriously, our lives revolved around an encyclopedia in my youth. I can still remember when we got a set. White and green they were. Homework was much easier when we had a set at home. It was a big deal.

Tuesday was a double header for Little Falls Girls and Boys Basketball. We had a dairy basket for both boys and girls game. I had some pretty great helpers, Jill and Anthony. Anthony kept asking where the milk was? When was it milk time?IMG_3156

Girls Basket winner and Boys Basket winner

Wednesday we made our way to Upsala for practice with the boys and girls basketball teams.


The Upsala Boys Basketball Head Coach is a dairy farmer.

And then the snow came. All activities cancelled and school closed again.


Some rescheduling and we are looking forward to week 4 of the Morrison County Milk Project.

The moment for me this week was how one single cheese stick can create an amazing conversation and a need for our community. All from one cheese stick. ONE cheese stick.

Thank you so much for the schools welcoming us with big open arms and to our sponsors! This project that started as an idea has become more than I could have imagined. Thank you, small things do matter.

KempsCobornsCentral Minnesota Credit Union, Dairy Farmers of AmericaAMPIBongards CheeseFirst District Association   


Vivian taking a break after playing in the snow. The things she teaches me.  


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