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Morrison County Milk Project Week 4~2/11/19-2/15/19

on February 20, 2019

Monday we started out in two places.

The plan was to get milk to the girls Swanville team  practice and then head out to Pierz to the girls basketball game. The roads were not the best and we ended up getting to the Swanville practice late. As I walked into the school I spent K-12, I silently said to myself. “Brenda! How many times have you walked into these doors late in high school?!” I was late a lot to school. I think I had permanent detention for how many tardies I had.

We were able to get milk to some of the girls but not all. Instead of bringing the milk home we gave milk to both boys teams Swanville and Bertha-Hewitt who were playing in Swanville. On the plus side I can now say the Morrison County Milk Project made its way into Todd county.

Swanville girls and Bertha-Hewitt

We left Swanville and headed into Pierz for the girls basketball game.

The support we recieved from Pierz FFA Advisor Pat Tax and

Athletic Director David Rocheleau were incredible.   

Thank you Pierz School for welcoming us into your school. On the way home from the game Everett and I talked about how sad and happy it feels for the Morrison County Milk Project coming to an end. This was our last night in Pierz.

Tuesday night we were at the Little Falls Boys Hockey game. Little Falls Boys Hockey focused their night on raising money for a family who lost their home in a house fire.

LF boys hockey have some great role models in Coach Couture and Arena Manager Mike Corrow ensuring they know small things do matter.

When I first met Mike when we brought milk to practice, he opened the door with a big smile, “Are you the Milk Lady!” Yeah, he won me over.

Coach Couture and Arena Manager Mike Corrow

LF Hockey basket winner

Morrison County Milk Project spent our Valentines Day with some BIG love for MILK with the Swanville Girls Basketball team. The wind and snow cancelled their game but we were able to bring them milk after practice. Someone asked me what the biggest challenge has been for the project? The weather has been the biggest challenge but we are making it work.

We were so happy to have dairy farmers Jill and Brett Butterfass & Family to help hand out milk. Anthony had his Raising a Farmer shirt on and ready to hand out milk. The excitement handing out milk and receiving milk is contagious!

IMG_3364Swanville Girls Basketball Team with the best Future Farmers

Friday night we cheered on the Swanville Boys Basketball team with the Butterfass family. All proceeds for the dairy basket went to Chloe Tepley.


Right before halftime, I sat with a reporter at a lunch table in my childhood school. A lunch table I sat at almost 20 years ago. As I was interviewed about the Morrison County Milk Project, my children played, came and talked to me along with my best friends two girls. The same best friend from high school where we would talk about our futures at one of the same lunch tables. Life can be amazing, sometimes it slaps us in the face, sometimes it creeps up and sometimes it surprises us.

Saturday afternoon we were in Upsala cheering on the girls basketball team. All proceeds for this basket went to the girls basketball team.


OF course you have Nacho Cheese with popcorn

Upsala Dairy Basket Winner

Working with GREAT people from all the schools and people volunteering their time to the project has made this project amazing.

Small things matter. Small things can turn into big things. Big things can turn into great things. This project is turning into something amazing.

KempsCobornsCentral Minnesota Credit Union, Dairy Farmers of AmericaAMPIBongards CheeseFirst District Association   





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  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    You blessed so many people with this passion of yours…….I am proud of you!

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