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Morrison County Milk Project Week 5 ~2/18/19-2/22/19

on March 2, 2019

The last full week of The Morrison County Milk Project.

Tuesday night we were at the Swanville Girls Basketball game.

IMG_3450Jill and I. Thank you Jill for helping with the Morrison County Milk Project!

Jill and Emma Butterfass came and helped us out with the dairy basket at the game.

It was fun to cheer on my home school basketball team with family and my best friend Shannon. It is so crazy to think Shannon and I sat in the same bleachers and now we have children? I still can’t wrap my head around that.

Wednesday we were planning on going to the Royalton High School to distribute milk to the students. The snow came. School was cancelled. We decided to distribute milk after the games Thursday and Friday. I was asked in an interview what was the biggest obstacle for the project? The weather. The weather has been the biggest obstacle but we are making it work.

Nap time after playing in the snow and getting our pictures taken for the St. Cloud Times.

Thursday night we were at the boys basketball game in Royalton. We were welcomed with open arms and even with Royalton T-shirts! The kids were excited!


Seriously They WERE excited, I know the pictures does not show that. 

On Friday we were at the girls basketball game in Royalton.

Vivian was getting good at “Dollar a chance for the whole basket!” 

When this young lady won she Screamed with excitement, “It’s me!! I won!!” 

Our Favorite Player from the neighborhood!!

Saturday morning before the sun was up, Swanville/Upsala Speech team got milk to start their day heading out to their meet.

Kathleen had milk for breakfast and placed 2nd in her category at the speech meet! 


Thank you to The Morrison County Milk Project sponsors!!

KempsCobornsCentral Minnesota Credit Union, Dairy Farmers of AmericaAMPIBongards CheeseFirst District Association   



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