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Testifying at the Minnesota State Capitol

on April 4, 2019

The week leading up to February 26, 2019 I couldn’t sleep. The kids and I were finishing up the Morrison County Milk Project. There was a lot on my mind.

This was one of the big reasons why I couldn’t sleep.
I was testifying and I need to do well for my fellow dairy farmers. I needed to do well for my children. I needed to do well for my husband. I needed to do well for my community. I had 5 minutes and I needed to make sure it mattered.

The night before I was to testify, Everett was excited. He was excited because we were all going to the Minnesota State Capitol. As I kept telling Everett he needed to get to bed, he asked me if I was scared or worried. I could have told him “No, moms never get scared.”
I didn’t, I told him what I was feeling. “No, I’m not scared but I am nervous.”

I tell my kids “when we are nervous it is ok, it just means it is really important.” On the drive down to the capitol I tried really hard to remind myself this.

Dairy begins at 52
Everett is first mentioned at 57:20
If you want to see a mom panic because you have no idea what your kid is going to do, make sure you watch 1:02:53
My testimony is at 1:21:07

One response to “Testifying at the Minnesota State Capitol

  1. Marilyn A. Swenson says:

    so very proud of you, Brenda! Your words were heartfelt and to the point. It must have impressed the committee that you were out doing something to promote the farming industry with your milk project for the kids. Would love to get together for lunch (my treat) sometime soon. Just let me know…..we have alot of catching up to do!

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