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Saying Goodbye to Lady Wilt

on June 23, 2019

Our hearts are so broken.

Farming is hard.

It is even harder when we have to tell our son, Everett, his special heifer Lady Wilt died unexpectedly. She was fine in the morning and by evening chores we found her in a stall passed away. It was difficult to tell Everett because we didn’t have a reason. She wasn’t sick. She wasn’t acting different. She was eating and drinking.

We were all looking forward to Lady Wilt having her first calf the end of summer. Sometimes in farming and in life there are no answers to our pain. All we can do is love on each other and stand by each other.

Lady Wilt was the daughter of Everett’s beloved cow 304IMG_6933


As we said our goodbyes to Lady Wilt we talked about how she would chew through her lead rope.

How tiny she was as a calf.


How much fun we had with her.

How it was pure happiness to share her with everyone.

We talked about how soft her hair was.

To how she would open the side door of the barn on her own.


As Everett said good bye to his beloved animal friend, he placed flowers on her with her Blue Ribbon from the fair. A halter. A family picture with 304 was gently placed around Lady Wilt. Nathan and I know it is important to teach our children it is ok to be sad. It is ok to be mad. It is ok to grieve. IMG_7081

Everett has decided he doesn’t want to show dairy this year at the county fair. Nathan and I completely support him in his decision. Everett needs time to heal his broken heart.IMG_7077Rudolph Dairy 0049




2 responses to “Saying Goodbye to Lady Wilt

  1. Marilyn A. Swenson says:

    My heart grieves with Everett………

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