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Foundation of Words~Declaration of Independence

on July 4, 2019

Last summer I had the opportunity to take Everett to Washington, DC. We were invited by our co-op to share our farm story with legislators. Nathan was unable to go so Everett came with me. Every spare moment we had in between meetings; I would take Everett to monuments throughout the city. I wanted Everett to be able to experience as much as we possibly could in a small amount of time. I knew this could possibly be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. We were able to see many of the main monuments we see and think of. There is so much history in DC. There is so much meaning in DC beyond the politics.

Washington, DC, 2018

On our last day, we were able to visit Arlington Cemetery. The sounds of the changing of the guard, the clicking of shoes, the silence surrounding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, will forever me in my memory.

Arlington Cemetery, 2018

As we were having lunch on our last day with some fellow dairy farmers we were talking about each of our favorite parts of DC. The monuments that surprised us. The ones that made us think. The ones where we could hear our own hearts beat. The ones where we would hold our breath. The ones we could sit by and be next to all day. Our conversation changed to “Where is the Declaration of Independence?” “Is it here in DC?” I took out my phone and found out it is at the National Archives in DC. I looked at the time, rechecked what time our fight was leaving and said to Everett, “We have about 2 hours, do you want to see if we can get in before we have to leave?” Of course, Everett said yes.

The line was long to get into the National Archives, we were starting to get nervous if we were going to run out of time. When we got into the building, we asked the first security guard we found where the Declaration of Independence calls home, the rotunda. As we made our way closer in the dimly lit room. Emotions began to well up inside of me. So many monuments and places we saw. Every monument has a meaning. Every monument means something. The one that should be on the top of our list to visit we almost forgot. Visiting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights along with so many other letters. So many pieces of paper with pen scribes of words that shaped our country. So many moments in time where words changed the course of history. The pieces of paper we forget about but the pieces of paper we were founded on. The words that created everything we are, home of the free because of the brave.


Everett and I in front of the National Archives, 2018





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