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Dear Distant Leaning 1st Day

on March 31, 2020

Dear Distant Learning 1st Day,

We failed you. We tried really hard. We could blame it on the sun. The fresh mud puddles. The pigeons that needed to be hunted with a BB gun. We could blame it on the trees that needed to be climbed. The chickens that needed to be looked at. The raft that needed to be built and rebuilt and repaired and again tried to float in the child made pond. We could blame it on the birds that were singing calling to come outside. We tried sitting outside to accomplish math.

We tried sitting at the kitchen counter. We tried and we failed. It wasn’t because of lack of internet. It wasn’t because of lack of work to accomplish or to much work to make it overwhelming. It maybe was the small panic I felt when I realized that I can not do 5th grade math and my only response to my child was “Do your best.”

No, it was because we were home. The undercurrent of missing a teacher, a classroom and classmates have been building for weeks now. It was because this is different. A different change that we are not sure how to navigate or how to structure our day because there are still windows calling to come outside and explore. I know my personality and I know my child’s. This is gonna be rough but we are going to try again today.

An unstructured mom forced to be structured


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