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Lo Mein

on October 25, 2021

Lo Mein is another easy meal. 

When I make it, I look in the fridge and see what I have for vegetables. 

This time this is what Asian week Lo Mein looked like. 

I took pork steaks and pan fried them. While they rested I took my vegetables. You can also use ground pork for this recipe or no meat at all. 


1 whole onion 

3 celery stalks 

About ½ small bag of carrots 

A quarter red cabbage

1 small package of mushrooms sliced

In a large skillet 

Add table spoon of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of Sesame oil 

 Add hard vegetables first (onions, carrots celery) 

Season with:  

1 teaspoon of garlic and ginger 

Pepper to taste 

A little bit of salt not much because the soy sauce will have the salt

Sautee till tender

Add mushrooms 

While this is working together slice the pork steaks to bit sizes

Add to the happy vegetables

Boil Lo Mein noodles 

In A small bowl whisk together


½ of soy sauce 

¼ cup of brown sugar 

Splash of orange juice or pineapple juice 

a couple shakes of Sesame Seeds (optional)

1 table spoon of corn starch 

A couple shakes of ginger 

Add sauce to the pan

Drain cooked Lo Mein noodles and add to the pan (depends how many noodles I’ll add of how hunger we are) 

Stir all together simmer a couple minutes or until thickened and ENJOY!! 

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