Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter


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Welcome to Raising a Farmer.

My name is Brenda.  My husband Nathan and I dairy farm in central Minnesota with our 2 children Everett and Vivian. They are with us every step of the way.  Our farm has been in Nathan’s family for over 125 years making our children 6th generations to be raised in our farm yard. It is extremely humbling to think of all the strong women who came before me and raised their children in the exact same yard as I am raising mine. We purchased the farm from Nathan’s parents in 2011 becoming the sole owners.

Nathan and I share the work load.  We learned very quickly going through a farm transition we needed to have open and strong communication for our family, our marriage and our farm. On a farm what affects the farm affects the family and what affects the family affects the farm.

In 2019 we began to transition our farm from a dairy farm to a direct market farm. We raise Registered Red Wattles and Red Wattle Cross pigs. You can find our pork at farmers market, local restaurants and available to purchase direct from the farm.

As young farmers we farm on faith and love. Faith for a good crop, trust that God will keep our family safe, animals healthy and that next year is always going to be a better year.

When we feel like we are just about ready to run out of faith, we laugh. We find the little things to give us strength for the next day. Laughter fills my soul and keeps me going.

On Raising a Farmer you will find what life is really like on a small farm in Central Minnesota. I love cooking with my kids, getting our hands dirty in the dirt, loving on my family and enjoying the life Nathan & I have created together.

You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Thank you for following along,


“A lot of work but always room for laughter.”

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One response to “About

  1. DeAnna Fuhrman says:

    Brenda and family,
    We just want to extend our sincere gratitude for donating to Jacob’s surgery the night you were in Pierz. We are so blessed to live in this amazing community that is always so supportive. Thank you so much!
    Jeff, DeAnna, and Jacob

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