Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter


Hello my name is Brenda, my husband and I dairy farm in Central Minnesota. I like to talk, I like to visit and I love people! I am married to a dairy farmer. Farmer Nate. I am Ranchin’ with Ruddy. Did I ever think that I was going to be a dairy wife, dairy mom and dairy worker? Nope, Nope and Nope. I didn’t grow up on a farm, I thought that I would live on a hobby farm not a dairy farm. There is a BIG difference. Seeing my young son Everett, 4 going on 30, taking care of the animals and knowing when a calf is sick by the way she holds her head, watching him plant his fields in his sand box, and having oats come up in my flower beds because Everett planted them there or planting popcorn from the house in front of the barn I couldn’t ask for anything better for my family. It takes a lot of hard work, praying for a good crop, trust that God will keep your family safe and cows healthy and faith that next year is always going to be a better year. When we feel like we are just about ready to run out of faith, we laugh! We smile! And we find the little things to give us strength for the next day. Everyday is different some calm and some crazy. Welcome to our farm.

Nathan, Brenda & Everett

Nathan, Brenda & Everett

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