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Finding Peace Doing the Dishes

Dishes can be a dreaded chore. Usually it seems to take me about three days to get all the dishes and pots and pans put away. Some people may see the dishes after a big meal as a dreaded chore but for me, after an event or holiday, I find peace. I find peace as I do the dishes by myself because I am able to think about the day.IMG_8734[1]

I am able to smile about the faces that gathered in our home.

I am able to laugh about how the two youngest members of our family felt clothes were optional this year on Thanksgiving. Apparently clothes make you sweaty. I think about holidays when I was a child and how those special times are so cherished now. I smile at how, as soon as we are done eating, Everett and Noah are ready to go outside with their BB guns. The special times I have with my nieces and sister-in-law looking through the Black Friday ads. How the girls tried on my old dance costumes, flower girl dress and First Communion dress.IMG_8707[1]

Before anyone came, as I walked into the house from finishing morning milking, “Mom we have a lot of work to do yet! We have to make the table bigger and get the turkey out of the oven!” The excitement in Everett’s voice I can still hear in my mind as I do the dishes. Doing the dishes bring me peace. “Mom when are they going to get here? Mom, call auntie Cyndie and see where they are!” Everett was not patiently waiting.IMG_8696[1]

Knowing I am able to prepare a meal for my family brings me peace. I think of how many times family and friends have gathered around the exact same dining table through the years. From my grandparents’ home to my parents’ home to now our home. How many times it has been made bigger and how many times it has been made smaller. How many times dishes have been carefully set at the table. How many times warm food has been placed on the table. How many times grace has been said giving thanks.IMG_8736[1]

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Pumpkin Roll~Thanksgiving 2017

The kids and I were back in the kitchen with one of my favorite Thanksgiving desserts.

A pumpkin Roll.

One fall, back in 1999 my aunt was trying to perfect it, I had Pumpkin Roll every week. It was a good week.

This one would probably go under #cookingfail but it tastes the same and would you expect anything different from us?

If you aren’t making a mess then you are not cooking with your kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You can find the recipe at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/libbys-pumpkin-roll-3415340

Food Network Libby’s Pumpkin

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Morrison County 4H Awards Banquet

Morrison County 4H celebrated the end of year 4H with an Awards Banquet.

Everett is co-reporter for the Snappy Elmdalers.

Everett had exclusive interviews with some of Morrison County 4Her’s.

I think Everett is enjoying his new role in Snappy Elmdalers.

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Dressed Up Mac & Cheese

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we tried a new recipe.

This I can tell you is going to be a new, year round family favorite.
Dressed up Mac and Cheese.

So much deliciousness.
Eddie Jackson shared this on the The Kitchen on Food Network. Everett and I had to try it out with all that delicious dairy! Here is the recipe:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/eddie-jackson/dressed-up-mac-and-cheese-4536809

It is mom, kid and dairy farmer approved.

We put that stamp of approval on it.
Side note: we almost had a new recipe when Vivian was going to add grape flavor to the noodles. 

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A veterinarian is an important part of a dairy farm.

Originally posted on Raising a Farmer Facebook Page  on 10/26/2017  

A veterinarian is an important part of a dairy farm.

There are times when one of our cows just isn’t feeling very good. Just like when you would go to the doctor when you yourself just don’t feel right, we call our vet to come to the farm to treat one of our cows. Just like we care for our families we try things at home first. You have tried different things at home but it is time to go to the doctor. Our cows can’t tell us when they just don’t feel right. We look for signs for our cows to tell us they just aren’t feeling right. Most times we can problem solve and get her feeling better with out calling the vet but there are times when it is time to call the vet.

Some of the signs we look at is their poop. Has it changed? Is it runny? Is she constipated? Is she digesting her feed? Yes, we look at her poop very carefully.

Has she gone off feed? This means, is she eating the same amount as she has the day before? Is she picking through her feed? Is this different for her? Some cows pick through their feed. Is she drinking enough water? Cows drink a lot of water. Going off feed is a sign of a big problem. Cows are hearty eaters. As soon as they hear the mixer wagon or skid loader they are waiting for lunch by the feed lane.

Each cow has her own personality. When we see them up close twice a day. Nathan and I can tell when one of our cows just “doesn’t look right.” It could be the way she holds her head. The way she walks. Just like when one of your kids isn’t feeling very good how many times have you said, “He just doesn’t look right.”

We had to call the vet and Dr. Neil came to the farm. Vivian had a front row seat. Watching carefully Dr. Neil’s every move. dr.neil&Viv

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On a Dairy Farm Life is Constant

On a dairy farm the circle of life is constant.

Calves are born year round.

Someone is always growing. 
It is always changing.

At one time Vivian was a baby and 434 was a baby.

Yesterday 434 became a momma for the first time.

Seeing momma cows with their new bundles never gets old.


Vivian helping feed calves and 434 was her best friend.

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A quick stop at a Family Dairy Farm in Wisconsin.

One of the best parts of dairy farming is the people. The people who come into your lives. The people who enrich your life. The people who make you see why you love farming. The people. The families. The love. It was a quick visit but it was just what this dairymom needed to recharge.

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

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Celebrating 4H Week with Highlights from the Morrison County Fair

4H is a wonderful program for kids to be a part of. As a 4H volunteer my favorite part is to see kids thrive and gain confidence in themselves each passing year. To see them take the 4H motto to heart in their action and their words. “Making the best better.”  To hear them say the 4H pledge at every meeting centers me.

 I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

In honor of National 4H Week here are some of the high lights of the Morrison County Fair.  4H’ers work hard getting their projects ready from livestock to non-livestock. There is room for everyone in 4H. If you are looking for a program for your entire family to enjoy together, 4H is for you.

Everett took 3 non-livestock projects to the fair this year. Blonde Brownies, a bouquet of flowers and a monarch caterpillar with a habitat.  During conference judging kids are asked about their projects one on one.  The skills they learn and confidence they gain will last a lifetime.

Working as a team and cheering each other on is a big  part of 4H.  Snappy Elmdalers finishing up their Community Pride board and presenting as a team at the fair.

The day of the dairy show is a busy day.  There is always time to pause, refocus and one last pep talk-“You can do this. Take your time.”

IMG_6798This year there were 10 Cloverbuds with Dairy projects.  This is huge!  To watch the dairy program grow before our eyes is an amazing thing to be a part of.

This year marked Jordan’s last year as a 4H’er.  You can read more about Jordan here and how he has been an example for younger 4H’ers.

IMG_6934This year was extra special for Everett. He was able to show 304 and her daughter, Lady Wilt in the Dam and Daughter Open class. You can read more about Everett and 304 here.   




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Stuffed Green Peppers & Black Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Green Peppers are delicious!  They are quick simple and easy.  Stuffed Green Peppers are great to have in the freezer because they freeze great for a quick meal.

Ingredients you will need: 

6-8 Green Peppers (How ever many will fit in a 9×13 pan)

1lb of Hamburger

1 onion

1 can of Spaghetti sauce (I prefer Hunts because it is cheap) (and I get excited when it is 10 for $10)

1 cup of uncooked rice

about 1 cup of water

Parmesan Cheese

First  Step

Start browning your hamburger.  I like to add some peppers sliced and diced with a diced onion. Salt and Pepper

Stuffed Green Peppers

While your hamburger is browning start your Rice.  Cook to in instructions.  You can use minute rice, Brown Rice or plain ol white Rice.  Rice is my menace, Sometimes it is beautiful and fluffy and the next I burn the bottom. I’ve even screwed up minute rice.  Nate’s words ” How can you screw up minute rice?”  One day I’ll be able to make rice in my sleep.


Get your peppers ready by washing them and cutting off the tops.  Clean out and push step through the “hat”.  If you want to be fancy you can cut them length wise and call them “Pepper Boats”

Once hamburger and rice are cooked add Spagetti sauce to hamburger mix in rice and 1 cup of water.  Simmer about 10 min

Stuffing for Green Peppers Add a thin layer of mixture to bottom of 9×13 pan


Nestle peppers into pan fill peppers with hamburger mixture.  Ad remainder mixture to sides or in between peppers.  Top with tops of peppers.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30-60min till peppers are tender

Green Peppers BakingWhile they are baking the dishes. Ugh!

Dishes to Wash

Delicious!! To Freeze them you can freeze them before you put them in the oven or after you bake them.  I usually freeze them and then bake them once I take them out of the freezer.  Now for the reheat we are hunger.  I’m not sure what happened all I know is that I forgot they were in the oven and I said, “Well that is interesting!”

No they are not supposed to look like this!

Black Stuffed Green Peppers~Opps

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First Day of School~2017~A little sister missing her Big Brother

We made the bus on time the first day.  I had nightmares for about three days leading up to the first day. Missing the bus the first day of school. I’d wake up in a panic. Yesterday was easy peasy getting ready. So I am going to put that in the win column with a big star because there will be times when the win column is behind and needs a reset.

Everett brought a monarch caterpillar to share with his class.

Everett was excited for 3rd grade and Vivian was sad once Everett left. Vivian was lost and needed some extra hugs today. That’s ok, because I was a little lost too and needed the extra hugs too.